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Thai Yoga Massage workshop

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

workshop with Katrin Heuser

Thai Yoga Massage

is a practice of deep connection between two people with the aim to free and move blocked energy.

Aside from learning some fun and delicious moves and stretches, you will get a chance to embody the main principles of this bodywork – loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. Thai Yoga Massage is like a meditation in action, with two people on the mat, a sacred dance.

An in-depth introduction and exploration of the different facets of the powerful and subtle work of Thai Yoga Massage. This workshop offers the opportunity to enjoy giving and receiving some great bodywork. After a short overview of the background and history of Thai Yoga Massage, we will spend the time with hands-on learning.

By the end you will be able to practice a 35-minute sequence, that is easy and effective, and at the same time also feels great to receive.

Discover how with a relatively short sequence you can already help someone to release body tension, restore their energy balance, establish a sense of grounding and state of deep relaxation. Your friends and family will be forever grateful.

If you are a yoga teacher or bodyworker already, you will also gain some moves you can apply in your existing work, improve your hands-on adjustment and sense of touch. ​

Special Offer

Attend this workshop and be entitled to a special discount for the full Level 1 Foundation training course with Katrin

About Katrin Heuser

Her whole life, Katrin has been interested in the body and movement.

After many years of dance, her Scoliosis led her to Pilates and finally to Yoga and Thai Massage, which then became her path in life. For her it’s about the never-ending discovery of body and mind, to deepen the awareness and to release all tension and stagnation. Only then, the journey towards healing and transformation can begin, the capacity and power of resilience of the body can grow, and more space for positive life energy and joy can develop.

Katrin holds a 500h Level 4 NVQ Yoga Teaching qualification, trained in Manual Lymph Drainage and has studied extensively in Thai Yoga Massage and Osteothai, including a Master Osteothai qualification, over the past years. Through her work as a therapist comes also her understanding of trauma, chronic conditions and pain, as well as the influence of working with fascia, the craniosacral system, structural support and regulation of the nervous system. She used to run a Yoga Festival in London and launched an online anti-stress breathing programme.

Since 2015 she lives in Lisbon and runs Little Yoga Space, where she teaches and gives Osteothai treatments, and she is the director of Hadadi, offering foundation and advanced training courses in Thai Massage and Yoga worldwide.

A workshop for everyone who wants to join

December 4th 2021  |  14h30 – 17h30

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